An era of evolving indulgences.

We are in the midst of a consumption revolution marked by a rise in innovative portable technology – vaporizers – designed to help us feel better and indulge in a way that is seemingly more healthy and convenient than other methods.

We are also at a turning point for cannabis where legislative and cultural changes are opening the door once again for medicinal and adult recreational use.


We believe that fulfillment is a journey through feeling, and only you know what it takes for you to feel good. By wearing AURA, you are claiming your right to have what you need to feel good, whenever you need it.

Whether you use vaporizers to consume cannabis, or have made the switch from smoke, we fused fashion and function to honor your choices and give you greater access to your device.


AURA’s sleek leather cases are handmade in New York by top handbag manufacturers with the finest materials. Each piece comes attached to a deluxe chain, giving you the option to wear your device in style.

Our smooth, balanced designs are inspired by style, architecture, nature and technology in the ever-changing world around us. We look forward to evolving with it.